Glyphosate weedkiller warning

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  1. suedavis7

    suedavis7 Hatching

    Aug 13, 2014
    My husband put glyphosate weedkiller along the path,waited until it dried before letting hens out as instructed on label ,result , 2 dead hens within 3 days,previously health birds, stuff is lethal, be warned.
  2. lightchick

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    Apr 3, 2014
    Welcome to BYC! So sorry for your losses! [​IMG]
  3. chicbaby

    chicbaby Chirping

    Aug 12, 2014
    so sorry to hear about your chickies. round up is poison and its in everything now and killing all the bees butterflies and anything good. more and more is being sprayed on our food, the fda has upped the "acceptable" amounts of glyphosate per person per year ingesting thru all the foods to 60 ounces. yes 60 ounces. this is why we are so adamant about organic and non gmo, its not just a small decision we are making and a little extra money for the food we buy. i would rather support people who are helping the earth than those who are poisoning it and i would rather spend more money on good food than pay for illness and death in my family through outrageous medical expenses that profit the same people who are poisoning everything.. the more people who demand clean food, the less expensive it will be.

    i look at it as how can you not afford to buy organic and non gmo because the cost in the long run is birth defects and cancer and many studies that were suppressed are now coming out showing this stuff does not help anyone but shareholders.there is an old saying that someday humans will figure out they cant eat money. its also been discovered the yields are lower on crops that are poisoned and its a lie and myth that this creates more food. many farmers are switching to non gmo now because they are losing money big time. my grandfather never used any of this stuff on his farm, and said it wasn't worth the money even back then.

    just a different perspective and something to think about when you are making choices with your money. that's one of our strongest way of changing things, because the companies will respond to money, and we can empower ourselves in this way and make sure our grandkids have a better world than we have. i would ask everyone to do whatever they can to support healthy sustainable living.

    i think most of us are raising chickens and other animals, because we want a better life for ourselves, and the animals, and the earth and to really follow thru with that feels really good. we need this connection with nature to be healthy happy and balanced. we know instinctively how important this is, not just to us as individuals, but as a collective and survival of our species.

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