Go, Spot, Go - Serama rooster (Oregon)


5 Years
Jul 9, 2015
Southern Oregon Coast
Yet another rooster needs a new home... Spot is a March 2016, black & white mottled, frizzled Serama rooster who lives on the cool(er) southern Oregon coast. He is free to a good home within driving distance from where he is now or I will meet someone half way. I can even bring him with me to Estacada (northern Oregon - outside of Portland) on August 13th if that will get him closer to a new home. Unlike those roosters who are child-proof and friendly, Spot is his own little man. He likes to strut around and impress the girls, and even defend them from the unwanted attention of a Khaki drake 3 times his size. He squawks like crazy when he is caught, but will stand peacefully enough once he knows he has been cornered. I'm not sure when he got so stubborn. His sister is happy to be cuddled and carried. He prefers to live inside and will march right in along with his sister in the evening if he can get into an open door. His sister is royally unhappy that she is not sleeping in the house but rather with him in the rabbit hutch that is situated where his crowing will disturb fewer co-inhabitants - especially my husband and my dog. It is so sad to see a 60 pound dog shake uncontrollably when she hears the crowing of an 8-inch tall rooster. (hubby doesn't shake or even wake up - he just doesn't like the high pitched crow a Serama has) If I could somehow de-crow him he might not need to leave. I was hoping to sell Spot at the fair this year after judging, but it didn't happen that way. My friend ended up with 6 left-over Serama roosters (I didn't ask her about hens) Normally it wouldn't be a problem except she is moving and can only take so many. Spot was hatched here (from eggs provided by my friend) and if needed he will live out his life here, BUT he will be much happier if he is someplace else. My choices are getting narrower about what I can do with this perky boy. He comes with a life-time guarantee. If he can't stay where he goes he can come back, but he might need to hitch hike part of the way on his return trip.
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Spot and his sister Dot​
The 8-inch Terror​
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