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    Hello, I have 2 roughly 2 month old goats, I am not sure what breed they are as the lady who sold them to me didn't offer much info on them. One was really sick and ready to die, but he is good now and growing great! I am just wondering how much I should be feeding them? They are on milk replacer 4 times per day a bottle each time about 16-20oz each time, they have fresh grains and hay available through out the day, but do not have much interest in it. Plus they do not want anything to do with the water. How can I get them to drink water? They were taken from their mom their first day of their lives sadly, but not my choice. They also didn't get the colostrum they needed. I am sorry I know a lot of info and a lot of questions, but I love these guys. Sorry one more question, do you keep your goats locked up? We have a large fenced in area for them and a nice house, but we keep them locked up at night, just a board over the door way so they can't get out or rather so no animals can get in...Am I too protective of my babies?

    Thank you for reading and helping...I appreciate it

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    That's a lot of milk replacer, I would start cutting back, they should get that amount, 18-20 ounces twice a day, you are feeding way too much, they need to start eating grass and hay in order to develop a good functioning rumens. Stuff some in their mouth every chance you get, they will spit it out a lot. Limit any grain to a small amount twice a day, too much can be deadly. It's best to find a formulated goat ration. Also now is the time to find a good goat mineral, made for goats, and I like to offer baking soda free choice. You should start the weaning process. They will drink water after you start to eliminate the milk replacer.

    I personally don't keep mine locked up as adults, but as kids I do. After about 3 months mine are free to choose. If you have a lot of predators and a nice place to pen your goats than lock them up. Always provide hay and water over night as they don't sleep all night.

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