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7 Years
Aug 27, 2012
My doe is due to kid in two months and I need all I can learn about what expect.

This is what I need to know

What do you need in your kidding kit
And anything like that.

Ive been through kidding season once so far May of this year, & besides all the helpful tips I get on here I usually use the Fiasco Farm website: http://fiascofarm.com/goats/index.htm scroll down & there is all kinds of handy info on everything breeding & kidding included
. I wish I could name a couple of threads but I cant think of any off the top of my head right now. My kidding kit I was keeping in the goat area was phones (with vets & experienced goat breeder friends on speed dial just in case), camera, many MANY tinkle pads, & 1 large roll of paper towels, with everything else on stand by not far from my goat pen. Im blanking on the other important stuff right now, but im sure you'll get plenty of helpful answers on here :).

PS pics???

ETA: Heres the direct link to their page on what they used in a kidding kit: http://fiascofarm.com/goats/birthingkit.html
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This is what I have in my kidding bag.
Iodine for kids umbilical cord Spray on cord and belly asap after birth
Gloves and lubricant in case I have to go in, which I have had to do
dental floss in case umbilical cord needs to be tied off
lots of towels to dry kids off
Camera for pictures!

I also give the doe as much warm molasses water as she wants right after she kids and for a few days after kidding. The molasses replaces the sugars lost during kidding and helps to prevent milk fever. I squeeze both teats to make sure milk plug is out and kids won't have trouble getting milk. I make sure kids all eat before I leave them alone to bond. I also have my vets phone number on speed dial, just in case.

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