12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
I was out trying to get pics of the last kid I have for sale and went alittle pic crazy,
Twister (the one looking for a home), never did get any really good ones. He's so much cuter in person, the hair along his spine is blond,

Some pics of the stinky boys,


And Dallas, his shaggy coat makes him look funny, especially his neck, I promise under all that hair, he's really normal looking.

I made this mistake of sitting down in his pasture to get better pics, he took it as an invite to come try and sit in my lap, and make me nice and stinky(his face should be white, not brown)

Willow, one of my yearlings,

Jade and Dixie

Lone Star, my keeper kid this year, already as big as they yearlings!

And a few of the bigger goaties!
Star, and in the corner (alpine) April,

And one of my nubian wethers Riply,

I guess that's all for now, didn't get everyone, but I'll get them next time!
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key west chick

11 Years
May 31, 2008
Gainesville, GA
Ewww, I remember before I got my nigi boys wethered, ewwwww, peeing on themselves and being stinky! Gotta lov'em though!
Love Riply's spots. Wanted a nigi with moonspots but never found one while I was looking.


12 Years
Mar 12, 2007
Alfordsville, IN
As usual - GORGEOUS goats you have there! Don't you love the counter shading on the dorsals? I have a buck, BBB, who is solid black but has a light tan dorsal stripe, really stunning when it's long in the winter. Also have a doe, Candy, who is dark gold with a light blonde dorsal. It's so attractive.

Your moonspotted wether...

Willow is the same color, almost, as my Silkie Fainter doe, Emma (who's last daughter, ironically, was named Willow, haha). I love the blue roan buckskins!


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11 Years
Aug 2, 2008
Skippack, PA
Absolutely stunning! Great-looking goats you have there!!! I just love the look on Lone Star's face!! Thanks for letting us see them!!


12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
Lone Star loves the camera! Here is another of her! She's such a camera hog!

Dallas does throw beautiful kids, Lone Star and Twister are both his kids, so far he's been 100% throwing blue or marbled eyes (all w/ brown eyed does). He's such a big lovie butt! To bad he smells so bad.

I do love the dorsals, Twister's is the most dramatic I've had!

Riply's spots on his other side are alittle bigger, I just love the moonspots! Pie is also moonspotted, hard to see in this pic, but he has dark chocolate moonspots, when he was born he looked like a chocolate chip cookie. He will be bred to Willow and Dixie for spring kids, and I'm hoping for blue eyed moonspotted doelings!

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