Goat-Proof Chicken Feeder--Success!

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    Apr 19, 2010
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    My chickens and goats share a yard and shed, which is a nice arrangement, because the goats keep predators away from the chickens. I thought I'd share the feeder I came up with for feeding the chickens without letting the goats get into the chicken feed. As a bonus, there's no food waste, because the chickens can't scratch the food out of it. It's been in operation for 3 months now, and is working great!


    It's basically just a tall box with a baffle inside and a floor slanted toward the front, just like all the other feeders with similar shapes. The difference is that instead of a front opening, I drilled holes with a 2" hole saw for the chickens to stick their heads through to eat. The top has hinges and a latch, to keep inquisitive goats from getting in that way, and it easily holds a 25-lb bag of feed.

    Here are the chooks checking it out for the first time:


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    Very nice!
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    Great idea! What kind of goats do you have? My coop is also in a goat pen and to tell the truth. My goats would go crazy being that close to feed. They would easily chew open those hole openings! I have full size alpine-nubians. Goats are extremely smart and agile. They use to often open the run gate latches and once took off a carabeener type clip! They also use to shoot right through a 9" x 12" chicken door in the run! I had to build a goat guard at that door and it works well (shown below). If I threw feed on the ground around this guard, then it would be toast! I feed in the coop, in the run, and I throw scraps or a little something out on the ground when I visit each day.


  4. maggiejayne

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    Jul 7, 2015
    I've spent all morning looking for the perfect chicken feeder/goat spoiler! Would love to see inside pics. of this if you can!
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    Aug 3, 2015
    Hi, love your goat proof feeder....do you have a sketch or drawing....just want to know how the baffle works. Thankx!

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