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    Mar 2, 2016
    Hi Y'all...Newbie with goats, well I have had them for a year now, but still a newbie with things. When I got my goats they were only a few days old and very sick. A lot of you have been helping me through the way and I more than appreciate that! But now I have another question. Should I be giving them shots or extra vitamins or de worming things? There are no vets around here, they stopped seeing large animals ;( So I don't know what if anything I should give them. I want to keep them healthy and strong. They both are doing well now and are happy and healthy. Thank you for any suggestions you can give me.


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    Mar 19, 2009
    They should be vaccinated with CD/T for tetanus and enteroxemia. You give two shots each about three or four weeks apart and then an annual booster. I always kept a bottle of clostridium perfingens antitoxin and GasX on hand and hoped I didn't need either one of them. Vaccinating with CD/T greatly reduces the incidence of entero but it doesn't completely eliminate it. Nothing does. The GasX is for bloat. Both entero and bloat are true emergencies and can occur suddenly with no warning. Prompt treatment is essential to save the life of the animal. The antitoxin may seem pricey, but I always considered it to be cheap insurance.

    Pull down the lower lid of the eyelid. The inside of the eyelid should be a dark pink. If it is pale pink or white it means the goat is anemic and needs worming.

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