Goat still w/diarrhea

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    Jan 17, 2009
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    Our pygmy goat still has diarrhea. She has had penn-g the last two days. I have given her straw and some pepto. How long can she have pepto and how long should she have penn? I am guessing she weights between 10-15 pounds. What should be the dosage of pepto and penn? What else should I try for her?
    I know there is a BYherds site and I am going through the registration process. I thought for today, there was a better possibility of receiving help her. Thanks
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    Mar 12, 2007
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    How old? If shes under 6 mos, it's likely cocci and the pen won't do a thing to help. Stop the Pepto. If it is cocci, Pepto will only make the problem worse.
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    Put her on sulfamethoxidine. Start with 2ccper 5# first day and 1cc per 5# day 2-5. Once a day. Sounds like a case of coccidiosis. You can use probios with that. Don't delay. I lost my best doeling last year to this and I WAS treating. I know, I'm not a vet and I haven't seen your kid, but at that age its so common its where I would start.

    I have also used ScourHalt for pigs with good result. Its extra-label so you won't find a dosage, but I used one squirt from the doser. Use if the sulfameth doesn't work. I onlly use one time, but would use a second dose if it didn't help.

    Do supportive therapies and a good grass hay. Remove any grains. Add those back ONLY after the runs are gone and very slowly added back if at all. Most goats don't need grains unless they are lactating or heavy with kid.

    Just my offering. Hope all gets better.
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    Apr 23, 2009
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    You need to get a fecal done...is she on new grass anthing changed. Alot of times it is just from eating fresh nice spring grasses. What color is the diarrhea. Has she been on cocci prevention, what is the last time she was wormed and with what at what dosage? You really can't just throw things in her if you don't know what is causing it. FECAL.....then when you figure out what your dealing with come back on and we will tell ya what you need to do.

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