goat symptoms/any ideas?

dot n'dave

10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
I have a goat that is about a year old and pregnant.
On Monday, we noticed she was squinting one of her eyes and it was all teary. We watched her a day or two thinking she just got poked in it with hay or hay dust went in it. She has been up acting normal and eating and playing like usual, so it didn't seem serious.
Well after that we noticed it was starting to look terribly watery and started clouding over. Also her other eye was beginning to water and she was starting to slightly squint that one too. We concluded it was pink eye, and have been putting terramycin on her eyes for few days now. Her eyes are getting way better, but.... now we noticed last night, she'll walk or run normally and than her knee gives out on her. Then again this morning.
I'm calling the vet this morning to see if she can come out, but sometimes I feel like they don't know anything.
Has anyone had this happen to them? Is the pink eye a symptom of something very serious?
It could very well be pink eye and it could be cause for concern. Pink eye is associated with chlamydia in goats and can cause the doe to abort.

From what I recall (I've never had to deal with it....yet and hopefully never) you can give them oxytetracycline (LA200 is the most common version) either injected if it's chlamydia or directly put it in their eye if it's just pink eye.

Over on BYH there's several threads about pink eye/conjunctivitis/chlamydia. I suggest you go over there and perform a search - there's a few people who've dealt with this from the most severe cases (abortion storms) to the easiest ones.

How far along is she?

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