goat with weight loss, patches of hair gone

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by lilfarmgirl, May 5, 2009.

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    One of our goats has lost weight, he is eating the same as the other goats, but continues to lose weight. I did deworm all of them, that didn't seem to help. Today when I was out feeding, I noticed he has hair loss around his ears and on his nose. I am thinking lice or mange. Anyone else have experience with these symptoms. If so what treatment did you use.
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    Quote:I'm new to this,but have been reading and talking with goat people.Sucking lice can literally suck the life out of a baby goat.
    There are all types of treatment from injecting to pour-ons,to powder.
    Cylence is a good pour on for lice.There are tons of websites.
    Look at the hair shafts and see if you can see little white nits [eggs] stuck to the hair shafts.Is the goat itching?
    If one goat has them ,they all need to be treated.
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    What kind of goat is he? How old is he? When you wormed him what did you use, how much did you use and how many times did you worm him?
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    Yep when I worm I worm and then 10 days later worm again and then again in 10 days with a different wormer as to break the worm cycle. This is what I do to new goats I get to make sure they arent bringing any new type of worm home. Also I do this if by chance they havent been wormed lately and the eyelids are pale. During the winter moths you wont see any eggs in a fecal as they dont lay eggs during this time they just suck the blood out of a goat.
    Also with hair loss it could be a mineral deff. or maybe copper and again Lice can do this also I would cover all the bases.
  5. calgal98

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    Glad you covered the copper/mineral issue. Loose minerals made for goats are important to their overall health. They can't get enough of what they need from a salt lick.

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