Goats and sheep living together???


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Jul 26, 2009
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I am positive this question has been asked before, but can goats and sheep be kept together?
I know they have to have different grain supplements and minerals. I am probably going to have 2 Suffolk ewe lambs and most likely two Boer does. Temperament-wise how would this work out? I realize size of enclosure will have an effect on them. How big should a pasture be for them? THANK YOU!
It will be hard to do this because- sheep are very sensitive to copper- you will have to feed an all stock feed- Goats need copper- copper will kill sheep- Also there may be a problem with the goats eating fleece off of the sheep. I would have at least a half acre. It can be done though! Good luck!
As long as you can feed the goats grain or suppliments away from the sheep they can be kept together. If you are using the goats for milk this won't be an issue since you give the girls grain on the milking stanchion. The copper can and will kill the sheep.
I have heard that before. Have you ever taken sheep or goats to 4H? I have no idea what kind of feed to give them for show quality animals.....also if I am feeding hay how many "flakes" per day should each animal eat?
I show Oberhasli dairy goats in open shows. I feed alphalpha hay and a high quality dairy goat grain.
However I am going to be changing how I feed soon. I was talking to a breeder/nutritionist Sat. They don't feed a premixed feed. They offer bins with different feeds and let thew goats pick what they need. We shall see after I go over and check things out.

I don't know much about the sheep sorry. I know that the goats NEED the copper and sheep can't handle it. Sorry.

Forgot to add feeding requirements vary a little depending on if you are raising dairy goats or meat goats. IF I remember right feeding a milking feed to a meat goat can cause the meat goat to get fat. Meat goat peeps am I right?
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