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Dec 1, 2007
I know that this is a poultry group but I figured I have more animals than just chickens so other people do too. Anyway,

I have to get rid of animals due to feed cost etc. I have a few Nigerian Dwarf Goats and 2 New Zealand rabbits that are not as young as they could be but are sweet and could be pets or for eating. They would be tough though.

I also have the sweetest Polish rabbit he is just a year old and wonderful but we have to downsize since our Thrianta rabbit breeding is going so well. Anyway if you are interested you can email me.

Yes where are you in Indiana? I'm interested in the New Zealands depending on your location and what your asking for them.
I live in Southern Indiana about an hour north of Evansville. We do a lot of traveling and go to shows. The New Zealands are pretty old. I have pedigrees on both. The buck is three and has 2 legs. He has had one litter with a different doe. They got Grand Champion Meat Pen that my sister showed. The doe is eight or nine years old so that is really long in the tooth. She is a registered Grand Champion in the ARBA and we aquired her in September. Probably 25-30 for him and 10-15 for her. Let me know.

The goats are going for Best Offer. We need to get rid of them due to feed etc. But Dinky's is not my first choice for them. They are sweet, well cared for goats.

I sent you a pm also but haven't heard back, so I thought I had better post here, just in case you didn't receive it. Interested in the goats.

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