Going away for the weekend


6 Years
Apr 7, 2015
Hello all,

I've been thinking about moving in the next year or so to a larger property, where I can have a little farm (my chickens aren't even laying yet and I already want more, and therefore more space!). I've always wanted goats, and maybe sheep, maybe a horse, and maybe a cow! We'll see.

My issue is that we have a family property in the mountains that I go to for the weekend pretty often. I know my chickens are all-set on their own for the weekend; I've followed the advice of some other people and the run is predator-proof, so I can leave the door to the coop open, and they have a big waterer and feeder. I might have a neighbor collect eggs in exchange for keeping them, we'll see.

However, I'm pretty sure the other types of animals I would want would need daily attention. Based on what I've read, I'm pretty sure they need to be milked every day. Is there anything else that is a must-do every day, assuming they have enough food and water being dispensed?

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