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    Aug 31, 2009
    I found a stash of eggs under one of my EE's this morning. About twenty of them. I do not think I have a roo but one of the girls always avoids me and has never squatted for me. They are all about 8 months. No rooster crow but this one big girl always avoids me. I know a broody hen will sit on her clutch regardless of fertility but i need to know two things
    1. If there is any chance they are fewrtile eggs how would I tell? I candled them and am not sure what my results mean. If they were fertile how long could they be out from under momma before they were no longer viable?
    2. If they are not fertile and it has only been a week or two can i still eat the eggs? I know i can out them in water to see but i can't remember if they float or sink if they are good.
    any help appreciated and the sooner the better just in case i do have a roo in my bunch. thanks!
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    If you post a picture some on here can help. A head shot is great but I also like to see a side body shot, showing legs and body feathers.

    How to post pictures/avatar

    You cannot tell by candling. You have to break one. This thread might help.

    Fertile Egg Photos

    The older the egg gets, the more moisture evaporates from the egg so the bigger the air sac gets. Hopefully this will help you remember. If it is old, the air sac is bigger so it floats. If it is fairly fresh, it sinks.
  3. newchik715

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    Aug 31, 2009
    So I cracked some open adn most appear fertile to me. Very strong bulls eyes. I marked them and put them back under my broody and she is sitting on them as we speak. the real question is how did they become fertile. I only have one option for roo as they all squat for me and lay eggs. I have found six eggs in one day before and i only have six chickens so i am way confused as to how a rooster snuck in. plus i have never seen mating or heard anything odd. no crowing. is it really possible i have a secret roo?
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    If you post pictures of your birds we can tell you if there's a roo. Make sure you get a side view.

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