Going broody with no eggs?

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May 18, 2008
I have a single pet house hen that I hatched from an egg around 7 months ago. She's been laying eggs for about a month but stopped a week ago. She's become pretty aggressive and has taken over the dog's bed as her new nest and growls at anyone that comes near - but she has no eggs and has stopped laying! She gets up once a day and eats and drinks and poops and then promptly RUNS SCREAMING/CACKLING back to the dog bed and nestles down for another day. Today, the dog tried to reclaim his bed while she was up to eat and promptly got jumped on after an elaborate show of puffing up with wings out and loud growls.

I don't think she's sick. She eats fine when she gets up, her poop is much bigger than normal (but its only once a day), her crop doesn't feel any weirder than usual and I don't see any signs of being egg-bound. But she is a Bearded Silkie and as I understand it, they go broody easier than most - but even without eggs? Is that normal?

It's quite the show and rather entertaining - for now, and for everyone but the dog - but I just wanted to make sure there's not something wrong.


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Sounds like she's broody. They don't need eggs to go broody, it's more of a hormonal thing and when their body says brood that is what they do. I she making a huge stinking mess once a day when she poos? Broody poo is legendary.

If you don't want to get some fertile eggs for her or try to sneak some day old chicks under her some night you should probably look up some of the "breaking a broody" threads. Often times they'll stay broody for months if you don't break them and that can be hard on their health.

Good luck with her. I have fertile eggs and want a broody, but will one of mine get the urge...NO, I think they're waiting until I'm getting ready for vacation and it would be a pain.


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Dec 22, 2009
My MUGGSY goes broody about three of four times a year and will set on absolutely nothing. She will lay for about a month and stop and puff up and growl and set on nothing for about a couple of weeks until she realizes she isn't getting any eggs. I love to hatch my own chicks, just don't have the room right now. I know MUGGSY now a year and a half old would make a great mommie since she is a Silkie/Cochin mix. So expect it several times a year from a healthy happy Silkie or Cochin.

The reason there poop is larger is they don't want to poop and dirty up there nest so they hold it until they go eat and drink.
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Trish up North

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May 18, 2008
YES! It's toxic smelling and I have to remove it from the house immediately. Even wrapping it in plastic bags and sealing it doesn't help - it MUST go outside.

Thanks for the info, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I'd feel awful if I neglected an illness.


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Jul 3, 2008
i have a 10 month old golden laced wyandotte she went broody 3 weeks ago and i decided 2 days ago to let her sit on 6 eggs. as i have a rooster so we will see around march 15th if she has any babys. shes in a dog kennel by herself in the coop with food and water.


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Is it pretty typical that a broody mood goes without any eggs? The two hens I've had go broody so far (I'm quite new at this, this year) have not laid any eggs during that time. The silkie most definitely loves to sit on others' eggs, but will not make her own to sit on. My RIR is so old, she barely is producing any eggs, but was real crabby for 4 weeks. I make them get up and eat and drink. They hate me for it, but oh well!


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Yeah, when that instinct kicks in, it doesn't matter what they're sitting on. Someone on here even had a pic where the broody was sitting on a pile of nuts and screws. That had to be comfy!

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