Going into the backyard with geese....


8 Years
Jul 5, 2011
So, if...a big IF here.....if I get geese, I am wanting two girls, I have been reading a LOT of posts about geese not liking strangers and maybe getting a little territorial. My ducks, and my geese if I get them, free range in my pasture. My kids have their trampoline and swingset out there. When the kids go out there, will they get chased because the geese may not recognize them?

Will my male ducks try to mate them...and if they do, it won't work, right??
I am not by any standards a goose/geese expert but I should think that they wouldn't bother the kids if they are raised with them.....

I 99 percent positive that ducks/geese cannot breed with each other, but I'll let some geese people say that.

Hope this helps!


It really depends on the geese and the children getting to know each other but they soon become familar with family routines. We have Dewlap Toulouse and have no problems with the children.

Futher to the question; no Geeseand Ducks cannot sucessfully breed together and Ducklvr was absolutely correct

I didn't think so!!!!

So, when my kids take friends back there.....no problems?

Now that I have it in my head that I want geese....I AM OBSESSED!
There's no guarantees but should be no problems although Chinese might be a bit territorial. Like any animal, when they breed they will defend their nest but that just calls for a common sense approach.

Oh dear it sounds like your getting a Goose Obsession Infection

My concern, aside from the agression issue, would be the goose poo issue. They poo a lot. It wouldn't be the cleanest environment for children to play in, so I think I would be inclined to create a barrier to keep the geese away from the actual play area, so the kids aren't always getting into goose poo. E coli and all, you know. I have a ton of wild geese that come into my yard, and I will NOT use the windfall fruit in the areas they go into -- if it hits the ground, it composts, no matter how nice it looks.
I really like geese, but my opinion is that they are not suitable pets for small children.

For some families, it works OK. But for someone with no waterfowl experience, you are taking a risk that it won't be OK.
Can't say what older geese may do. But if your getting young geese let the kids handle them. I have geese and kids. Both free range. No problems. Now that the geese are older they chase the kids but never hurt any. Think they are just playing.
As for Poop. Denninmi wash that fruit in 2tbs of bleach to 2 gals of water bye bye e-coli. It is everywhere in the chicken, goat, rabbit, hog poop. The ground your walking on. It is even on the outside of your eggs. You really have to digest a good bit for it to hurt you.
It's city folks that get sick. They don't eat right to start with and their bodies don't fight infection as well. You know as well as I do how the mass production of produce and meats are raised. Nasty places!!
So....geese poop more than ducks? I have ducks.....is that not enough waterfowl experience??

I hate when I get obsessed about something, and I am definitely obsessed.
I am head over heels obsessed with watching all my poultry, but Angus and Kate, my Toulouse pair, are the most fascinating to watch. They THINK all the time. They play with things. Angus likes to put large twigs in the kiddie pool and push 'em around. He's quite particular about which twigs are best for this game.

Even when they sleep I love to watch them. That little goose eye that peeks at me when I'm watching is very knowing....

Mine watch for hawks, too. They've honked when a bunch of hawks or buzzards were flying by in a loosely organized flock. Chickens scattered for safety. The roosters are good at it too, but I think they're starting to let the geese take over some of the LookOut Duties.

They're gorgeous creatures. And when a full-sized pair of geese gets the Zoomies, running up and down the driiveway, wings outstretched.... Ahh, such joy of life!

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