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  1. I'm on a quest to get healthier mentally and physically. Now I've got the mental part of it covered, but I am at a loss for the healthy stuff.

    Now I know I need to exercise more, and eat healtier, but how exactly do you do that?

    I've opened my mind to eating a more natural "whole foods" type of diet, but I dont know exactly what that consists of. I want to eat more vegetarian-ish, but not completely.

    Anyone have any advice or input. Maybe good recipes, or suggestions for food they eat?
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    Aug 8, 2008
    Now I've got the mental part of it covered

    you sure about that? [​IMG]

  3. Quote:you sure about that? [​IMG]


    Well not really....LOL
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    I would start off by making small changes in your physical activity- take the stairs, park at the far end of the lot, walk up the driveway to get the paper etc... After that, find something active that gets you out and about doing something you like. Talk to your doctor and get her/his advice. Maybe a bike, birding, swimming- the options are endless.

    Foodwise, I would not think of it as a diet. Avoid diet books, snacks and energy bars. Instead, go to farmer's markets, or befriend a local farmer (or two or three [​IMG] ) to increase your healthy food intake. If you dont garden now, think about starting one. Even in you dont have space for one, you can grow a lot in containers. Invest in some ethnic cook books. Most real ethnic foods are full of fresh produce, usually smaller amounts of meat and bad fats,and taste wonderful. "Splurge" on free range grass fed meat, it is soo much better for you, and use it sparingly. Also, look into the local food around you- buy what is most fresh and what grows best in your area. Use the indigenous recipes of the people that have been there for ages. Best wishes to you on your journey!! [​IMG]

    PS Last night for dinner I made a pheasant and wild rice soup. The bird is one that I shot myself at a friend's farm on Saturday, and the rice is hand harvested by the local Native Americans within 50 miles of my house. The milk in the soup is from a local family owned dairy who I buy direct from. The carrots were from our garden and so were the onions. The celery was from the grocery store... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. I dont know about all the pheasant soup, but you've got some good information there.

    Its the eating part that I dont know anything about. I dont know how to eat "natural" unless I look at diet books or diet recipes.

    And I could wander around the Whole Foods market here, but wouldn't have a clue what to cook with and how to put it together.

    It's mostly the food part that I need to research more.
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    Well, reading is a great place to start [​IMG] Rome was'nt built in a day after all. Maybe start by getting rid of all the stuff in your pantry that has ingredients which are hard to pronounce. Stop drinking all soda, if you are a soda person. Switch from vegetable oils to olive oil. Start small. Keep it simple. Dont overwhelm yourself, or it will be hard to stick with it.

    I like stir fry as a fast, super healthy and pretty easy way to make a meal. There are lots of recipes out there, and once you get the hang of the technique, you can improvise as much as you want to. Use whatever meat and veggies you have on hand. I buy rice in bulk at our food co-op. Most of all, buy what looks tasty and fresh. You can do it!!
  7. I've already started drinking more water and tea than soft drinks. So much so that soft drinks make me dizzy now when I drink them.

    I'm going to do some research on vegetarian style food a little later tonight, when it is slow.
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    One thing that may simplify the grocery store trip would be to stick to the perimeter of the store (where the whole foods are, like meat, veggies, dairy), and avoid the aisles where the processed foods are. Stick to whole grains, and try to cut down on the amount of sugars that you take in. Those are some very simple but very effective strategies to start with...hope that helps!

    And good luck!![​IMG]

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    stay away from pre-packaged food some good examples of healthy food are:
    fresh honey
    nut breads
    goat cheese

    I also know that making your own stew is a great meal and you know what goes in. You could start with potatoes, onions, noodles, and celery for starters. These were just some examples of some food you could look for.
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    Since July I've been doing exactly what you are talking about.

    And the benefit?... I'm down 40lbs., I feel better and last time I took my blood pressure it was 110/60 with a pulse of 54! That said...I've got another 100 lbs to lose. I know, I know... I'm morbid.

    I do two small pieces of fruit for breakfast, sometimes with yogurt.

    For lunch, most days I do cabbage soup. I love it.

    You need a large pot to cook it in and a large tupperware container to store it in the fridge.

    We make it like this:

    1 head of cabbage.
    6-8 large tomatoes,
    6 onions,
    1 head of celery,
    6 bell peppers.
    2-3 good sized zucchinis
    1/2 of a small chicken (or other) bullion cube. (more than 1/2 a cube is too much salt)

    Put 1 cup of water (the veggies already have a lot of water in them) in the bottom of the pot, put in the half a bullion cube and then cut up all of the veggies and simmer them until they are tender.

    I always like a fresh bowl of the soup, garnished with a little parmesian cheese or a little string cheese over the top of it when I put it in the microwave to heat a bowl each day.

    I don't eat anything after 2 PM except for a glass full of low salt V8 and my multivitamins.

    I really do feel great and I look forward to my hikes or walks after work each evening. I also do lots of stretching exercises and that feels good.

    Good luck. It's a never ending process and a new way of thinking.

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