Going to be a guinea mamma!


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6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
Middle Tennessee
I am so excited! I just placed my order for 15 babies! Ok now give me some tips on a cheap brooder set up for keets, pretty please. I used big rubbermaid tubs for my chicks and ducks and did fine. But from what I am guessing they will outgrow that pretty fast. Was thinking I could use the tubs for as long as I could then put them in big metal dog crate and put that right in the coop. Sound do-able? Any tips are much appreciated. I am reading and reading but you guys are the experts.
I sent go Lowes and bought two 4x8 pieces of damaged OSB for about 10 bucks a piece.....I then just sliced one in four strips and made some sides......worked great till they were ready for the coop.

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