Going to do impacted crop surgery on Sussex hen how do I remove the feathers in the surgery are.

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  1. My daughter is a vet tech we are doing the surgery here at home tomorrow. How do I remove the feathers from the surgical area?
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  2. Crude as it may sound, I just plucked them off one by one. One thing I would advise is don't make the incision near the bottom of the crop. Make it higher, so when the chicken eats after the surgery the food doesn't leak out. And feed him moistened food one tablespoon full at a time a couple of hours between feedings. My chicken had a wood chip positioned perfectly over the exit of the crop. Good luck. Neither my daughter nor I are a vet and our surgery was a success!
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    The feathers might be easier to pluck if you apply a warm compress first. Why are you doing surgery? Have you tried less invasive methods like tubing fluids? Is it impacted with grass of grain?


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