Going to get our eggs at Southern Farm Hatchery!

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    Just rambling,..
    I just spoke with the friendliest lady named Billie at Southern Farm Hatchery about picking up some eggs today for the bator! We are getting some Austalorps and Barred Rock. I was so tickled to find a hatchery here in the south,.. they are in Mississippi only 60 miles from us and we are looking forward to the drive. We've got the bator all ready and some Barnie eggs coming from Feathers & Fleece tomorrow and will lock down Friday!
    Is it silly to be this tickled about hatching eggs?
    When I read all the email newsletters on the state of our country,. the news on TV and see all the misery going on around the world,.. chicken eggs seems so insignificant,.. but then I think,.. all the more reason to do something that makes us happy! We do it as a family,.. we look forward to the big day [​IMG]
    .,.. it's always a good homeschool project and then
    in the end ( hopefully)
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    Nope, not silly a bit! I am never more happier than when we have a batch of eggs in the 'bator! Congrats & sending good hatching vibes to you!
    Where in Mississippi is that hatchery located?
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    Do they have a website BayouPoules? I didn't even know there was a hatchery in Mississippi other than all us backyard breeders.
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    Congratulations! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Of course now you have to keep us updated on the hatch!
  7. BayouPoules

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    Thanks, I have some Barnevelder eggs coming in tomorrow so I will go into bator on Tuesday,.[​IMG]
    Kinda nervous. Been wanting these Barnies for a while,. supposed to be "show quality". [​IMG]
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