Going to have babies soon


Mar 14, 2020
Midland, tx
I had a broody start sitting around 18 days ago. She's been vigilant and has been doing great. Gets off to eat, drink, and run around clucking for a few minutes then back on the eggs. From my research all eggs look to be doing great. So my question, when she first became broody I tried to move her to a cage. She was not having it and wouldn't settle down so I let her get back in the nesting box. I've never had a broody hatch out eggs. Will she protect them from my other hens and pullets? Should I put chick starter and water in the coop with her? What else do I need to do? My hens are very gentle but I have a few adolescent pullets who are kind of in the bullying younger chicks faze nd I really don't wnt a scuffle. This broody is not the highest but maybe the 2nd highest on the pecking order. Way above the pullets.

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