Going to try putting new ducks together this weekend - freaking out a little!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Jen1979, Mar 23, 2015.

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    At the moment we have ducks separated into 3 sections:

    1) Male Duck Norris and his 2 girls Marshmallow & Princess free-ranging in the backyard (all 8 months old)
    2) Female Coco (8 months old) and her male "baby" Quackmire (9 weeks old) in the duck enclosure (at night they go into a smaller enclosure and the first lot go into the main enclosure so they can still all see each other)
    3) 2 New ducks we got yesterday - 5 month old female Cayugas Morticia Flapems & Cleoquacktra in a separate pen right next to Coco and Quackmire

    All of the ducks except the Cayugas are Pekin x Indian Runners. At 9 weeks old Quack is as big as all of the females. He and Coco have been separated from the rest of the flock since he was born to avoid the others hurting him.

    We did trial bringing group 1 & 2 together several weeks ago but Quack was still quite small and Norris started picking on him. It was also right in the thick of mating season and he relentlessly chased Coco trying to mate with her.

    Now it seems Norris has calmed down a bit and ihs brain can think of things other than mating, we're going to trial free-ranging everyone together, under supervision, on the weekend.

    I'm pretty scared! I've even told my husband that maybe I should stay in the house and let him sort out any domestic disputes between them. I'm likely to break up any tiny tiff out of fear instead of letting them sort things out between themselves. (Our dogs fight badly and we've had to have them separated in the house for a few years now, so I'm a little scarred from dealing with that!).

    So, I've told my hubby that he should probably let them work out small tiffs, but intervene if a) anyone seems to be getting really hurt or b) if there is a tiff and one gives up but the winner keeps chasing them down. Is that right? Does anyone have any other advice they can give me? Or stories about what we could expect to probably happen? I tend to be overcautious about bringing animals together because the thought of fights panics me! :/
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    Let your husband handle the integration, and your suggestions sound quite valid. Another option might be to remove the adult drake, integrate the others, and then reintroduce the adult drake after a week or so. Good luck.
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    Thank you @sourland :) fantastic, if it doesn't seem to be going well introducing them all we'll separate our drake and try again.

    I have a feeling one of the new girls and Coco might have an issue, they seem none too pleased with each other through their fence, but hopefully by the weekend they would have had a full week next to each other and might be a little more accepting!
  4. Jen1979

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    Well, it seems to be going just fine! Our older drake has chased the younger away a couple of times but only for a couple of seconds and hasn't actually made contact with him or tried to fight. They seem to be hanging out as little separate groups some of the time and all together other times. We've made sure they've got food and water bowls in a couple of locations so no-one misses out.

    We'll eke the 2 drakes separate at night for another week I think and I know we'll have to watch them once the younger one gets mature, but for now, everything seems ok :)

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