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10 Years
Apr 8, 2009
Washington State
Hello everyone! I just became a Gold Canyon demonstrator and would love to share my website with you at:

Wouldn't this make a GREAT gift for the chicken lover in your family?


Gold Canyon is the home of The World's Finest candles, and they really are! I was a die-hard Yankee candle girl (I mean candle of the month die-hard) when I came across the Gold Canyon booth at our local fair. I fell in love with the scents they offered and bought one small candle to try. It burned cleanly, it didn't tunnel, the scent stayed strong through the whole candle, and I fell in love. For 5 years, I have been a loyal Gold Canyon customer. This fall, I decided to become a demonstrator to sell the products I love so much.

Gold Canyon offers a variety of candle scents and sizes. We also offer decor items. Along with candles, we offer diffusers, room sprays, car fresheners, linen sprays, perfumes, pod warmers, scent pods, scented bookmarks, sachets, spa products, and our clean green cleaning supplies.

I would love to hear your opinion about our products and my website!
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