Gold Flex's on a JG ??

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    I have what was said to be a pure JG Rooster that I hatched from eggs and although he looked fine , i started to notice that he was developing gold flex;s on his wings ? Now I have heard from two other people who have the same flex happening with there Roosters ? we are looking into if we all bought from the same breeder .I have two flocks , two different breeders and the second rooster is fine . Now I heard that the combs on JG should have a certain amount of crowns as well ?? Any Ideas ??

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    Quote:the gold is likely leakage from a decreased ML being present to cover the gold in hackle, saddle and wing bow.. Basically a poor breeder bird or poor breeding practices. They have breed the genes out that extend the black areas to cover the gold. It happens in any "black" or other solid colored bird. Blacks birds are never just Black they carry other colors on teh Z locus that are simply covered up by extending the black areas through the other genes.

    Wether that was done through a cross with something or just poor breeding who knows.

    As far as combs. Single combed birds you shoot for 5 points and blade. there are deductions for too many points on teh comb abd too few points on teh comb.

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