Gold Laced OEGB Rooster and Red Pyle PA


11 Years
Feb 22, 2009
Ashtabula, Ohio
I have a gold-laced OEGB rooster, whom I really wanted to keep, but he can’t play nice with the other boys. I purchased him from Ideal hatchery, and I think he will become quite a handsome guy. I highly doubt that he is show quality, but his color isn’t very common so I thought someone here might appreciate it. He is a fairly sweet boy, around 3 months, and still making those funny crowing noises they do at that age.


I have two of these Red Pyles if anyone is interested.

I would like five dollars for each boy.
I live 30 min from Pittsburgh.

I also have some other birds for sale in my profile including a blue frizzle rooster.

All unwanted birds will go to a farmers auction in two weeks.

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