Gold Laced Wyandotte Cockerel 11wk Seattle, Washington

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  1. This young cockerel was bought as a day old chick from The Grange in Issaquah on 3/24/10.
    He is approximately 11 weeks old and has beautiful lacing.
    He has been handled daily and is not shy around people.
    He has not started to crow yet.

    He would make a great addition to your flock.
    Will consider exchange for eggs, etc.
    Would be willing to deliver him to a reasonable distance.
  2. cowlady11

    cowlady11 Songster

    Jul 21, 2008
    Haydenville, MA
    what about shipping?
  3. Lisa, we are unsure about shipping. I guess we could potentially look into how much it may cost to ship him to you. A craigslister flaked out today on getting him. He really is a sweet guy...

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