gold laced wyandotte rooster craning neck

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    Nov 17, 2010
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    I don't have time to read the sticky about what to tell.

    A one year old rooster. Living in separated pens from three other breeds.
    Has five hens with him of same breed.
    Healthy as can be
    No symptoms of any illness
    No free ranging today, due to high rains, intermittent sunshine
    Regular food, no difference in feed

    I went out to close the chickens in tonight and noticed the rooster out in the pen by himself. Unusual.
    He appeared to be craning his neck from side to side as if he was trying to see something
    He can see, he moved away from my hands
    I encouraged him to go into his house
    Stumbled a little as he got through the opening
    Still craning his neck back and forth, from side to side
    Checking to see if he can see me, yes, he can, he moves away, as usual action
    He tried to fly up to roost with hens, but tumbled down slightly, no injury
    He appears to look normal except for the neck craning from side to side, as if to look around a corner at something
    Nothing looks out of the ordinary, except for the neck craning from side to side

    I am going back out to isolate him into a cage so he does not move around too much to be harmed
    I then have to go out for about and hour and a half

    I will check for any answers or suggestions

    If you do not know what his symptoms display, please do not make any comments or things that you THINK it is. I don't have time to look at posts that are made, if one doesn't know, is just guessing. If no one has seen these symptoms, that will be fine too, I will deal with it on my own. But if anyone has EXPERIENCED this form of action, please tell me your experience and what the issue may be. Have a wonderful night, CynthiaM.

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