Gold Neck Booted Bantams Pair

Buck Creek Chickens

Have Incubator, Will Hatch
11 Years
Nov 26, 2008
Neenah, WI
This Spring Hatch, (Feb), SQ parents have been/will be shown in the WI International POULTRY SHOW, as a cockerel Papa (last year) was the Reserve Meet Grand Champion, hen (mama) was RBB, will consider shipping but all cost will be paid by the buyer including box and when weather is cool enough on both ends, meet up would be better plus I will be at the WI international. The pair can be brought along and picked up there.


Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

Fluffy Feather Farm
9 Years
Jan 26, 2010
Texas, Panhandle
Wish I had the money.

I've tryed to contact you in the past for some eggs...could you put me on your waiting list for some Gold Neck Booted eggs? Thanks

~ Aspen

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