Golden 300 M/F Question?!?

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    I ordered 3 female ducklings the first week of June, 2 KCs and one Golden 300 (shown in picture) to see the difference. I have one previous KC who started laying about 2 months ago. (4 total ducks) This week I noticed that when they get in their pond the above golden 300 duck "mounts" my older KC (and only her) and grabs onto her neck. I have been a long time chicken person and know what this means in the chicken world especially with 2 roosters.

    Do females do this too or did I get a male golden 300? I thought i spotted a fertilized egg so far but only one?
    Thank you!
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    According the Metzer the Golden 300 drakes are a darker brown all over with a white bib. I do believe they are more easily sexed at hatch by their down colors too so it is doubtful they would mix up the sex. Your picture diffidently looks like the Metzer picture for a hen. Yours is lovely.

    To answer your question, yes hens do mount each other. With them it is more about dominance. Your 300 has likely placed herself at the top of the flock.
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