Golden Buff is making strange sounds

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  1. orangesplash

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    Feb 26, 2018
    Islamabad, Pakistan

    i have attached the video of my adult golden buff thats making these strange sounds.
  2. Have you checked for anything obstructing his airway, nares (nostrils), or the vents inside on the roof of his mouth? Does he have any other symptoms? Excessive sneezing, rattling or bubbling sounds when he breathes?

    Is he eating and drinking normally? Any swelling or drainage from the eyes or ears? Any out-of-the-ordinary-looking poos? Is anyone else exhibiting odd symptoms, too? Have you located any old, moldy feed or scraps he might have gotten into?

    My first thought is that he might have gotten into something dusty, and clogged his nasal passage. Or there's dozens of other possibilities, from very easily fixed/cured ones, to some very unhappy/incurable/close-your-flock ones. We need more to go by.

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