golden buff posibly broody and a new mother

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    Jul 15, 2013
    My golden buff quit laying about 2 to 3 months ago. So I figured out why not try. I put 12 egss under her and 3 hatched. They are only 5 days old eating and drinking. I removed the other eggs that didn't hatch. The 3 that hatched were under her for 21 days. I waited till the 24 th day to see if the others would hatch. They didn't so I figured they were possibly dead. Didn't candle them./ I put the all the eggs under her at the same time. They were a mixtrue of eggs 3 bantams 3 easter eggers. Those 6 didn't hatch. I have 3 living chicks that are yellow with several small blue marks on them the rest of the color is yellow. One baby chick is all yellow. The mother is real jentle. When I was checking the eggs under her during the 21 days she was real jentle no pecking at me at all
    So how long does a chicken stay broody? Since she has hatched these eggs that were not hers. Will she start laying her own again?She was a great layer before stopping. Is thier anything I can do to encourage her to start again?
    With the new chicks that are 5 days old is thier anyway I can tell thier sex or breed?. If one is a rooster How long before I can expect it to crow? She's a good mother Feed my husbund got medicated chick feed and we are feeding them all that is that safe for the mother also. Otherwise I will have to figure out something else. The mother isn't feed layer feed will that postpone her laying? I don't want the babies to get layer feed because of danger to thier organs if they eat that. I have the mother and chicks in a large metal dog cage with a solid botton hay for bedding and carboard around all sides to keep everyone in saftly

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