Golden Chicken Tend-ers--A Denver Chick Buying Co-op

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    It is cold and snowy now, which means that it is time to start dreaming of the chicks that you will get in the spring! Fill your coop with new colorful breeds next year. We have been raising chickens for four years, and remember how difficult it was to get chicks at the beginning. The feed store couldn't order everything we wanted. And then they kept delaying the shipment by weeks. It was very frustrating. We also didn't really know where to turn for information on raising the chicks or how to set up a brooder.

    Now, we have decided to begin the Golden Chicken Tend-er Chick Co-Op. We will be ordering chicks from McMurry Hatchery (the hatchery geographically closest to Colorado) for shipping on March 16th, 2015. I will pick up the chicks from the post office as soon as they arrive and bring them to our brooder (they usually arrive Wednesday or Thursday). I will make sure that they are settled in and healthy. You then can come and pick them up that Saturday. We will also have limited availability for us to raise some to 8 weeks old, when they will be more ready to go out into the coop.

    You will pay for the chicks that you order, as well as your portion of the shipping. I will also charge an extra $1 a chick for handling and care as long as you pick them up on Saturday. There are huge benefits to getting your chicks through a co-op. You can order whatever you want (*only one breed restriction will apply), but you don't have to be available to pick them up from the post office in the middle of the week. You will also save over buying them from the feed store.

    If there is enough interest, we will also hold a Raw Chicken Tend-ers class for first-time backyard chicken owners. I will provide information on caring for chicks and chickens and beneficial ways to construct a coop. Even if there isn't a class, I will also be happy to provide guidance on good breeds for you and your family to own.

    Please either PM me on here, or e-mail me (Meggin) at * golden dot chicken dot tender at * to be added to the interest list. In January, I will send out an e-mail with instructions on how to order and see if there is interest for a class. Join the movement toward fresh, healthful eggs, and the ability to support yourself from your backyard. Its also a lot of fun and a great project for your family.

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