Golden Comet Rooster or Hen?


8 Years
Feb 6, 2011
Let me down slowly on this one.

My wife and I bought pullets 9 weeks ago with the hopes of quietly raising hens in our backyard, which may or may not be a legal thing to do in our area. So...roosters are a no-no.

We know golden comet roos are white, but I've been holding out hope that this one will turn the corner and feather in red - not to be so far. And it's comb is larger than the others with the tail is becoming more prominent...

So...rooster or hen?



Oooo, yeah I had this happen to me too, that little guy's a roo. The good news is that most hatcheries offer a reimbursement or replacement for sexed birds if less than 90% of your order is accurate. I got 4 birds and one turned roo, and my hatchery tried to give me flak, but I calmly informed them that 3 of 4 is only 75% accurate and I expected a replacement. Worked like a charm!

As far as placing that little guy, I put a really nice ad onto Craigslist and within a few days, my Goldbert (used to be Goldilocks) had a really nice farm to strut around on and be manly at a bunch of unimpressed older hens. The family who took him still sends me pics of the silly bugger.

Hope that helps you!
Thanks for the confirmation although I was hoping you awesome BYC members could say, "No worries, it's a hen because...etc, etc." Oh well.

We got the "pullets" from Tractor Supply so I'm not sure they'll replace this one. The sad part is that we got really attached to this one. Fantastic personality! We're suckers for cute animals.
Wow! It's definitely the same! So this one could be a Tetra Tint hen? I've never heard of those!
I am pretty sure that's a roo. I've seen a few hens with thick legs, but never any with tree trunks like that!

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