Golden Comets at 6 weeks (pics)

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  1. Several people have mentioned Golden Comets and I took a few pics today. This is what they look like at 6 weeks- almost like eaglets. I find them friendly, eager to greet me, gentle with the beaks unlike my other production reds! There's a hint of red forming at the base of the combs and tiny wattles showing. The top one has a white body, I don't think she is expressing her color gene as emphatically as the rest.






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    Oh, so very pretty! I am so getting some of those next time around when I put in another order. They are beauties. Are they as sweet and gentle as they look? I just love the colors of them. Trudy [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    those are beautiful! i totally need 1.. or.... 12 =X
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    They're beautiful!! Hope you'll post more pics downstream! [​IMG]
  5. Absolutely, I'll post more next week. I'm so glad this is what the co-op ordered and I understand why people like them so much. When I went back a week after getting them the owner smiled, RIR crosses are what he has in his home flock, and the man knows his chickens! He claims that when they mature the eggs are jumbos. Now this guy is the feed mixer for poultry in this part of the province and I'm certainly buying my rations from him.

    They're growing very fast and when I look at pictures on various sites showing the different ages, the golden comets always seem at the higher end of the growth rate, even the emaller ones.
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    [​IMG]I have 6 golden comets of my own that are 12 weeks. Such quiet birds, friendly, too. Can anyone tell me what makes a golden comet? I would like to try to hatch some of my own for fun...
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    Quote:They're a cross between a White Rock hen and a New Hampshire Red rooster. [​IMG]

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