Golden Comets laying at 16 weeks, 3 days


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Mar 21, 2008
Centre Rawdon, Nova Scotia, Canada
Our girls are on schedule, as predicted by the co-op manager who provided them to us at the age of 12 hours. It began with 'Redwing' and quickly spread so that we started with 2 eggs daily then up to 3 and after a week to 7 then 8 per day! Good little girls! Some of the eggs are 5 cm, pullet eggs, and others are far larger, jumbos. Of course the first egg was worth $1200, the approximate cost of renos to the barn and feed...*ahem*

My comets gave me my first egg the day they turned 16 weeks.
I didn't realize they started that early so it was a really nice surprise!

Now 4 heans are giving me 3 or 4 eggs a day and laughing at the Barred Rocks and Buff Orpingtons because they are so slow!
My Comets are 18 weeks and nothing yet. They appear to be as mature as the ones in your pics so I'm hoping it will be any day now. I really like them, as they are more friendly than my Buff Orpingtons. My 'runt' is the friendliest and she even challenges the Cochin rooster for treats. He does pick on her badly in return. He is headed for dinner table soon!
All my Comets were laying by 18 weeks. They are super egg-layers, and mine have also been quite hearty throughout a very hot, humid summer here. They have the cutest personalities, too!

Edited to add - The pullet in the 7th picture down looks a lot like my Gardenia, AKA "hippy chick".
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Well I wish my RIRs would take lessons from your Comets cause I haven't gotten an egg one from them yet. They're almost 20 weeks.
The bird that l;ooks like Gardenia is one of the friendliest- she loves a trip on my shoulder to hunt spiders, and will nestle in my arms and chortle. I agree with all of you who adore your golden comets- they are so nice, a great bird for a beginner like me. Every third egg is a double-yolker and we've had one triple-yolker. I'm keeping a close eye on them as they begin to lay- we had 8 eggs by yesterday afternoon, and today has begun with 3 eggs laid while I was in the coop doing chores. They are so good to each other and to me, though I do have a smallish red girl who sneaks up on me for attention with a little peck or bite. I call her Rubyyoulittlebanshee. But she huggles nicely, too.

These pics are of the first egg, 5 cm long, a typical pullet egg, along with a pic of a 'practice egg'- papery with grit on the outside like sandpaper. The new girls who are beginning to lay now are making eggs like this and the ones who started early are making large, xlarge and one jumbo egg, the triple-yolker.

Dontcha just love those golden comets?! I got my first egg the day after they turned 16 weeks, and by the end of the following week I started getting 11 eggs a day!!! I have 13 hens so two are a little slow to start, but geez, I have 3-4 dozen eggs in the fridge at all times now, so I guess I can give them some time!

Mine are also very different in size - from tiny, pointy little things to monsters so big I can't shut the egg carton on them. No double-yolkers as far as I know, though!

Now I can say it for real: My pet makes me breakfast!!
Your GC's are beautiful! I just love mine, the eggs are so perfect and they are so quiet and friendly, I wish I had more than just 4 GC's now that they're laying! I've had quite a few double yolkers so far.

From now on, if I ever get more chicks, they will be Golden Comets!

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