Golden Comets on egg boycott

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    Mar 21, 2012
    I'm postin this for a friend and a personal source of eggs until my pullets start laying. He has 25 Golden Comets who have been laying beautifully for months. A couple of weeks ago a rooster (not sure of the breed) was introduced to the all hen flock. Everything seemed fine~ then my friend heard that 1 roo per 10 hens was a good ratio. He got another roo (a BO) along with a gifted leghorn hen who is very tame and likes to be petted.
    Now the hens seem to be on strike. Two have gone broody and the rest are laying about 5 eggs a day where 18-22 was the norm. Has there been too much change in the coop? The weather is gorgeous 70s & 80s and there seems to be no pecking behaviors between the hens. The roos did seem to have to work out their positions, but seem to be ok. What's up in my friends coop? My girls are only 4 weeks old and I was hoping to have a steady supply of eggs until they kicked in.

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    Among other possibilities, I would say too much change. Has your friend noticed any behavioral shifts--- for example, not leaving the coop--- Some hens do try to actually avoid roosters.

    Let us know what brings them back on line -- once they begin again.

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