Golden cuckoo Marans.

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  1. Bakerentllc

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    Jul 18, 2012
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    Does anybody know what you would cross to make golden cuckoo Marans?
    I have black copper, blue copper and cuckoo Marans can I cross these and make golden cuckoo?
  2. Duramaxgirl

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    Feb 12, 2010
    I copyed this from the cuckoo marans thread:

    1st mating (F1).....Black Copper X Cuckoo you will get single bar roos and black pullets. Ditch the black pullets

    2nd Mating (F2)...SB Cockerel x Black Copper female. you will get an assortment ; Cuckoo, Blacks, Birchen (cream), Er Cuckoo (cream), which you cull and Er Cuckoo (golden) which you keep.

    3rd mating (F3)....Use the Golden Cuckoo (F2) cockerels and pullets. These will produce SB (single bar) dark cuckoo males (which should be culled) and both golden and reddish Cuckoo cockerels and pullets.

    4th mating (F4)...use the reddish or golden, light cuckoo males and the reddish or golden barred females from the F3 mating. These will breed true now.

    I think the biggest problem is having the patience to wait until you get the DF (double barring factor males) another issue would be whether you prefer the reddish color or the true golden color.

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