Golden Cuckoo X Black Copper Marans


9 Years
Nov 15, 2010
SE Michigan
I have a Golden Cuckoo Marans rooster that I think is just beautiful, although I wouldn't know if he is show quality. This past Spring I put him on my six Black Copper Marans hen and one of them hatched out eight eggs. I got two roosters and six hens that I just love. They are all maturing so quickly, which I'm beginning to think is normal for Marans. The hens are stocky, tight feathered and sleek. The roosters are going to be quite handsome, one with more golden coloring and the other showing more copper color. I realize that most people prefer to not cross their stock, but I'm working with what I have. I would like to find homes for the two roosters, but don't know if there's a want or need for crosses such as these. Here are some pics...

Golden Cuckoo rooster...hackle feathers are a golden color (doesn't show well in photo). BLRW splash hen in back.



Copper colored cross rooster



Golden colored cross rooster


Cross hens

Would love to hear from anyone with advice. I'd hate to have to put them in the freezer if there's someone who could use them. Free, of course!
Interesting to see that the young males does not have any white in tail. Most of the time if the dad has white the sons will also. Makes me wish I still had Cuckoo to take one of these males and breed over one. I like the real rich color.

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