Golden Egg Experiment

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    So I've always wondered how much I pay for my eggs. I know a lot of people say that's a dangerous question to ask. But does anybody actually know? I could probably figure it out but it would only be a very rough estimate. I've not been a strict record keeper.

    I'm launching an experiment to find out. More of a case study really. We're going to start from zero and raise up a flock of six happy, healthy, and productive hens. We'll track all of our expenses along the way. And while we're going to try to be frugal, we're not going to blatantly cut corners to improve our numbers.

    We're going to answer two big questions:
    - How much does our first dozen eggs cost?
    - How long do they have to be laying before we average out to farm stand price (nominally $3/dozen)?

    I'm sure we'll find out lots of other things along the way as well.

    So, now my questions for all of you.
    1) Has anybody done this before? How'd it turn out?
    2) Are there any other burning questions you'd like to see answered along the way?
    3) Do you have any awesome cost saving tips I might be able to use, or at least investigate?

    I'll be posting weekly over on my blog and will post updates and DIY stuff here as well.

    Thank you BYC community for all that you do. I've learned so much on here and hope to be able to give back as much and more.

    Homestead Bear
    No Clucking Around - Golden Egg Experiment

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    I started with a few young layers, kept up with feed cost for 6 full months--exactually---no free ranging, and no kitchen scraps. It cost me slightly under $2($1.92 I think without dragging my book out) per dozen to feed them. No other cost figured into it. If you were to start with 1 day old chickes------you ever heard of the "Golden Egg" the hen layed-----well your first egg about 6 months later will be your Golden Egg----You are going to have ALOT invested in that first egg---LOL.

    I did not figure the cost from chick to layer because """I""" will sell the layers in a couple years and recoup that start up cost then. You might do different?

    I did this test to see what store bought feed would cost me per dozen, now any free ranging or extra's will cut the cost per dozen.
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    I've kept pretty close track of all my expenses, in a spread sheet file, since I started chicken 3 1/2 years ago.

    I do not count the cost of building coop, run, and purchased equipment into the equation(ever read the $64 tomato?).
    I do not count the cash and barter taken in from selling cockerels/older hens....or the meat/broth I ate from slaughtering them.

    My goal was to cover cost of feed and bedding with egg sales($3.50/dz) and I've done that.
    Even covered hatching and feeding replacement chicks until point of lay.

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