Golden Laced Bearded Polish Rooster in SoCal for sale!!


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
I have to get rid of my little man
. The city won't allow me to keep him here and I must rehome him soon!! He's a great guy, he'll follow you around just so he can look up at you. He'll even sit on the couch and watch tv with you. He's about 7 months old and completely hand raised . He can get a little feisty sometimes, but he calms down quickly. I wish I could keep him, but a fine of $1000/day is a little much for me.

I want to find him a great home with someone who will be as crazy about him as I am. Also, I would love to keep in contact with his future home so I can get some updates about him.

If you're interested and live in Southern California, send me an email.


i don't know why his hair is a little one sided, but i think it will just grow in when he gets a older?
it's been like that since he started growing in those feathers.
i guess he can see better that way.
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