Golden Laced Cochin Bantam Chick Questions! Advice would be appreciated .


May 1, 2020
New England, USA.
I am new to the cochin breed. This is the first year I have had them and I had a couple questions about this one chick in particular. (I also have a barred cochin chick.)

I'm pretty sure she/he is a golden laced cochin, but the feathers have me sort of confused. Is the white tips on the feathers normal feathering pattern for an adolescent golden laced? I cannot find any pictures on the internet. I was expecting more GOLDEN coloration and not as much black. Also, hers don't lay flat like I'm used to seeing, they sort of stick up all over?!

This little bird is my absolute favorite. She's very laid back and lets me handle her. I am afraid she is a HE...any ideas? Comb isn't too pigmented. But wattles this big and red at 5 weeks has me thinking roo, but is a total sweetheart, even with the other chicks. She is 5 weeks old this Thursday. I know it's a little early but I was wondering if anyone with cochin experience can say if this is for sure a golden laced, give a guess on the sex, or can tell if this is normal feather growth.

Any advice/input would be appreciated. We are going to keep this little one regardless of sex, as it's a beautiful bird. Would just like a little more info on the breed.

Meet Mallory <3


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