Golden Laced picks on my Easter Egger


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May 15, 2019
I have one Barred Rock, one Golden Laced Wyandotte, and one Easter Egger. They have been together from day one about 9 months now. The issue is the Golden Laced keeps picking on the Easter Egger, is there anything I can do ? It is not so bad as to cause damage to her, but it does keep her on guard. I was wondering if I got another EE if that would level things out ? The Barred Rock is the Dominate leader and is gentle with both of them and people, golden lace-not so much! Thanks for your advice.
Adding another bird would most likely cause disruption and more picking/fighting. What you describe is normal chicken behavior. If she is not being injured and is getting enough to eat and drink, I would just let them work things out. Do they have enough space ?
Thank you for your response, yes they have plenty of room, 12x20ft run. for 3 of them. and yes she gets plenty to eat, the picking is not constant, I just see it as
I did not know if there was anything I should do.

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