Golden laced Polish Cockerel, Northeast MA

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    Apr 16, 2008
    Northeast, MA
    I'm trying to find a new home for Sazon, a 3 month old golden laced polish boy. He's great with people (not aggressive) but a little skittish. He needs a home with bigger or older hens (my hens are all 3 months old but smaller than him). I have 13 hens and 3 roosters, which I know is way off. My hens are afraid of him but he gets along fine with the other two roosters. I've tried keeping him separate for a few days but as soon as he gets near the girls they all run screaming- he seems to have regular rooster behavior but it's too much for them. I'd be willing to drive him somewhere within about an hour of me- I'm in Boxford, Mass, about 30 minutes north of Boston. No shipping.
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