Golden laced rooster + Silver laced hen question

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    Jan 24, 2013
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    I'm getting the bug to try and breed mine and my girlfriends birds. I have read up on what I can expect with this combination of golden/silver laced. However, both of my SLW have developed a little bit of a gold tinge to the feathers on their necks. I'm assuming this means (since they are hatchery birds) that they already have some GLW in their bloodline. Does this mean that the chances of them having chicks with a very dominant golden gene is increased?? Also, I've read about a "diluted" gene that can exist in some silver laced birds.

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    If I am not mistaken hens only carry one gene when it comes to Silver and Gold, so the leakage more than likely is from another gene present. If these are males you are talking about with the leakage it is very possible they are split for silver/gold S/s+

    Males could end up being 3 different colors depending on which color the rooster is and the color of the hen.

    Males can be s+/s+--gold S/s+ silver with gold leakage (brassy), or S/S Silver

    Hens s+ gold and S silver

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