Golden Laced Wyandotte, Hen or Roo???


6 Years
Jul 22, 2013


Hi Everyone! I’m hoping some one can tell me weather my Golden laced Wyandotte is a Hen or a Roo? I’m pretty sure both my Sliver laced and my White Cochin are both hens. They were hatched the 8th of july.
Thanks Kelsie 2290, Im very new to raising chickens are there other signs i should look for besides appearance?
Wyandotte females are notorious for going red early. I would say you just have to wait for this one. If it's a male, it'll start growing a huge patch of red on it's wing pretty soon.
I'd say that it is a rooster. That's just a lot of comb for his/her age. However, Wyandottes, especially those from hatcheries, often develop combs early on. So, don't give up hope yet! The coloring and leg size also look female.

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