Golden Laced Wyandotte pullet or roo???


7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
Chino Valley, AZ
My Coop
My Coop
Bought these lovelies as chicks back in april. They are about 6 weeks old, give or take. The GLW on the left has a rounder butt, one on the right has obvious longer tail feathers and a face closeup of the face looks to me like a roo. I bought them as female chicks from the local feed store.
I'm brand new to chickens and want just a tiny flock for fresh eggs. (no roos allowed!) The rest of them that are 6 weeks old all seem to be developing equally (one buff orp and black laced Wyan)...the two little ones at the bottom of the pic are a polish (no idea what sex-straight run) and a little easter egger.

Thank you for any advice you can give this newbie!!!


7 Years
Mar 22, 2012
I think I agree on the roo as well, I'm sorry. My 15 week old golden-laced wyandotte hens don't have combs that prominent yet, so if that's only 6 weeks, I think your suspicions are well-founded. Looks like you have chicken dinner as well as eggs in your flock. :) My wyandottes are like bricks, I think they'd be good eating.

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