Golden Penciled Hamburg Trio for sale - N. Calif.


10 Years
Feb 26, 2009
Edited to say: I have 1 GPH cockerel (new pic on page 2) and 2 GPH pullets for sale as a trio. They are 13 weeks old. Any reasonable offer will be considered.
I just want them to go to a good home.

Please email or PM if you are interested.
I hatched them from Gabbard Farms eggs. Good lines, beautiful birds. There are pics below of when they were a few weeks younger. The little roo is starting to get gorgeous saddle feathers now. Girls look about the same.

here is how Julie Gabbard has them described:

Golden Penciled Hamburgs are the smallest of the Hamburg breed…..very petite in size. Golden Bay Base with fine black Penciling…They are elegant and beautiful. . Their origin goes back hundreds of years.... in both England and Holland they were such prolific layers of white eggs that a common name for them was "the Dutch Everyday Layer." Although egg size is medium they are small eaters and cost less to keep than most breeds. Feed conversion ratio is very good with these active little birds... closer to bantam than standard sized. With rose combs, white ear lobes and blue legs, these are excellent small birds for both pet and exhibition. Our Golden Penciled Hamburgs are young first year layers...they are very active and healthy....cold hardy and clean legged. We have a lovely line . Excellent for pet and exhibition.
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At 8 weeks

Bachelor #1

Bachelor #1 and a pullet
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Yes, I will ship. Email and or PM me.
These are great birds and I want them to go to someone who can let them live and be roosters!
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Here is a picture from this morning
he is getting more feathers in

I have more pullets than I need of this breed and the little roo needs a home. I want to sell them as a group (make me an offer). I will ship if you pay shipping (I alreay have the boxes).
I will not sell the pullets separate from the roo until the roo has a home.
let me know if you are interested or need updated pics

thanks for looking!

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