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Hey Chicken Enthusiasts!

I am having a problem with one of my chicks. I believe that she is a Golden Penciled Hamburg. I ordered her from MM (which does not sell bantam in this variety). Unfrotunately, she is part of my order that was hatched on 3/01/08, which as some of you may know, many people have been having problems with chicks hatched around that time having a "mystery" illness.

However, she DOES NOT seem to exhibit any of the symptoms of the "mystery" illness (although 10 of my 18 chicks do have symptoms, unfortunately). She is just so small and literally has not grown at all. I am including a picture of her below. She is on the right. The chick on the left is only a few days old. You can see that she is the same size (at 18 days old!) as the other chick. You can also see how she is feathering out, so you know she is older!

This is my first GPH, so I don't know if this is normal, or may have something to do with the problems the other chicks are having.

Any help is appreciated!

i don't know what it means that your baby is so small. how is her activity level?
i wonder if it is possible that she is a different breed that got "mixed" into your order? i hope someone comes a long soon that has some good info for you.
She seems to be behaving fairly normal. Eating, drinking, pooping (when I see it that is) and she runs around quite a bit. I had to separate her from the other birds her age because she was being trampled and hiding alot. Once I separated her she seems very happy.
If I may add, I am having the exact same issue! I have a chick that looks just like yours (I guessed a GPH as well) and she is very small as well.. she moves around fine, and has not shown symptoms yet of the wobbly leg syndrome. Eats, drinks, poops. Hangs out with everyone else and holds her own, if anything maybe a tiny bit more shy than the others but she seems to be doing fine.... I was thinking of putting her with my bantams once I know the rest of the flock is not showing more signs of this mystery illness, as she does seem to stray from the bunch when they all get in a sleep huddle!
What other breeds did you order, standard or bantam?

I'm just curious because I got Silver Spangled Hamburg from MMH last year as my free rare breed along with the banties I ordered and he was showing signs of being bigger than the banties within a week or two.

All ordered all standard chicks. No bantams. I check the MM website, and I didn't even see where they offered GPH's in bantams. Of course, there could have been a mix up with the eggs I suppose.

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