Golden Pencilled Hamburgs in MINNESOTA

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    Sep 4, 2009
    I have 1 Rooster, 3 Hens, 4 Cockerels (hatched 4/3/11) and 1 Pullet (same age as cockerels).
    I need to reduce the number of breeds/varieties I have going into winter, so these ones need to find new homes.
    The Hens are from McMurray and are nice birds especially for hatchery stock. The rooster and all others are from Urch directly. The hens are laying well, and the roo is a good one with lots of vitality. Between molting season being upon us and the younger ones have been in with some larger breeds, the tails a bit out of shape. Some of the cockerels have had twisted toes but they still roost fine and run just fine too. I wouldn't recommend breeding these for exhibition, but could make a good addition to a flock. I have had some interesting crosses with these into my larger breeds. They have been free ranging with other breeds, so eggs are not guaranteed pure from the hens, but it is possible.
    These are all healthy birds and came from clean stock.
    This is a PICK UP ONLY sale. I will be at the Swap in Faribault on the 1st if someone were to take them and want to meet me there, otherwise, I live 25 miles north of Rochester.

    The hens and roo are $10each.
    The younger birds: $7 for the pullet and $5 for each cockerel.

    Take on or take them all. For all I will consider a package price.
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