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alright I have two questions I've been wondering about for some time now....

#1 what is the story on the silver goldens? are they a dilute yellow, a mutation, a hybrid?

#2 what's the scoop on salmon goldens? I remember vaguely my grandparents having them back in the early 90's late 80's and they looked like yellow goldens but with dark faces and tangerine colored breasts in the males. anyone breeding them like this or know how to make them?

thanks in advance
I'll be brief about it, this subject always causes problems. In the early 90s I was researching Golden mutations while in college. Before the time of the internet, it included lots of phone calls and personal conversations. A number of the newer "mutations" are indeed products of using different species - told to me by the "creators" of the mutations. These include pied, splash, and the silver.

I trust only the Ghigi as being truly legit, but that's just me.

Thanks Dan. I kinda suspected that about the silver, splash, and pieds.

Has any research or documentation effort been done regarding the many shades of the ghigi yellows? The ones I used to keep (just got a pair again this fall from the same source) are a bold, rich yellow with the hens showing some yellow in the front of their head. I've seen others much paler, or with lighter tail markings or darker, grey feathers in the shoulders vs. blue.....things like that.

Here's a link to a pic of the old pair I had: (scroll down to the pic that says "courtesy of Josh Hoffman")
I'd actually like to know more about the Ghigi shades too, although most male birds I've seen down here have been pretty washed out/faded.

VComb, your original post mentioned Salmons as well..And salmon "apparently" comes from YG X DT (at least I think) So with the information about splashes, silver, pieds etc ( I also suspected the same with those) can we assume the Dark Throated is a hybrid as well?
I'm not sure how much research has been done regarding the Ghigi variants, I'm personally not aware of any.

Enjaytoo - The Dark-throated is a debated "mutation". There has been some DNA work in Europe on old skins and current birds, all have showed signs of Amherst blood. Delacour writes that this bird was first described in 1865. The Salmon appears to be a cross of a Dark-throat and a Yellow as described by Ghigi.


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